When I was a young boy, around the age of seven, I got intrigued by the Personal Computer and its games, I joined a hobby club called De Jonge Onderzoekers Groningen and this is where I first got into contact with programming. The core friends I made during this time later started Science Centrum Noord, a place where I still come to visit our yearly LAN parties and I wished to have more spend more time on.

I am currently unemployed and in social welfare, in the past I have followed ICT and electronics cources. Right now I am following the Game Design and Development course and I would have wished a course like this was available ten years ago. Obviously the government does not like me following education on their costs, but I believe that our dated social welfare system should transform into what we call in Dutch a "basisinkomen". My wish is that I can continue my studies during the years to come.

In the past I have worked for different call centers, but due to my perky behavior and eagerness to learn my superiors never like me even when I was one of their best performing agents.

After my previous "work experiences" I reverted back to my passion: playing games!

During this period I have played numerous games especially in different WoW guilds, the best experiences I have earned from this was playing with Goon Squad, Esoteric and Ensidia/Nihilum.

Since then I have been a babysitter for my brothers offspring, which resulted in leaving my game addiction behind and picking up the study I am currently following.

Most people describe me as a thinker and a tinkerer with a wealth of knowledge.